I. General principle

VIETNAMMM.COM E-commerce trading floor (referred to as “ E-commerce trading floor”) which belongs to Viet Nam MM Co., Ltd., is a website providing services of ordering food/beverage online for partner restaurants with door-to-door delivery service of food/beverage. The website is built to support all members’ eating and drinking demand who are able to order food/drink most conviniently, quickly and reliably in Vietnam.

II. General regulations

  1. The members who participate in E-commerce trading floor (referred to as “Member”) are individuals, organizations, having demand of ordering food/drink online. The members must register to declare initial personal information in accordance with legal regulations and be officially recognized by Management of, allowed to use services officially recognized to complete registration procedures E-commerce Trading floor.

  2. Partner restaurants who take part in E-commerce trading floor (referred to as“Partner restaurant”) are individuals, organizations with demand of advertising and selling food/drink on E-commerce trading floor

  3. Dishes/drink dealt on E-commerce trading floor meet full conditions on food safety, which don’t belong to cases being prohibited trading, advertising according to regulations of current law by partner restaurants.

  4. The Management of E-commerce trading floor who is employees of Viet Nam MM Co., Ltd ( referred to as “Viet Nam MM Co., Ltd”), is mainly responsible for managing operation of E-commerce trading floor

  5. Partner restaurants are completely responsible for all services and products supplied by themselves to customers, which are already ordered through use of services provided by E-commerce trading floor

  6. When members and/or partner restaurants access E-commerce trading floor to buy food/drink, defaulted that member and/or partner already agree to comply with and be bound by the regegulation on operation of E-commerce trading floor.

  7. All contents in this Regulation must comply with Vietnam’s current law system. Upon taking part in E-commerce trading floor, members must learn about their legal responsibilities for Vietnam’s current law by themselves and commit to perform right contents in the Regulation of E-commerce trading floor

III. Transaction process

  1. Steps for carrying out ordering dishes.

    Step 1: Select your city and district at E-commerce trading floor and a restaurant.
    Step 2: Select food/drink which you want to order
    Step 3: Fill details on your delivery information in, after that kick “Completion of order”

  2. Delivery policy

    After a customer orders dishes of a partner restaurant listed in the list of E-commerce trading floor, Viet Nam MM Co., Ltd will forward the purchase order to the partner restaurant. The partner restaurant will deliver door-to-door within one hour except for special requests for delivery from members. In case delivery time is longer than it is expected, the partner restaurant and / or Vietnam MM Co. Ltd will try to contact the member immediately to notify. Vietnam MM Co., Ltd is not responsible for delivery service or products sold on the website

  3. Policy on returning and cancelling purchase orders

    All dishes, sold on E-commerce trading floor can not be changed or returned after the purchase order has already been completed. If the dishes are purchased without enough quality, Vietnam MM Co., Ltd. will try to support as set out in the "Dispute Resolution". Purchase orders, which are made at E-commerce trading floor, can not be canceled.

  4. Procedure for sending claims

    If there is anything members feel dissatisfied with the services of E-commerce trading floor, please email to or send a letter to the address below.

    Viet Nam MM Co., Ltd
    02nd Floor, 155 Hai Ba Trung
    Ward 6, District 3
    Ho Chi Minh city

    Viet Nam MM Co., Ltd will try to resolve claims within 48 hours 

IV. Payment Method

  1. Cash
    Cash will be paid directly to the partner restaurant’s deliverer when home delivery is completed.

  2. Credit card E-commerce trading floor on behalf of the partner restaurant accepts payment by MasterCard, Visa and Visa Debit card. Card payment is processed by OnePAY Joint Stock Company. Card payment must be born transaction fee. This fee will listed clearly when selecting payment method on payment website of E-commerce trading floor

  3. Domestic bank’s ATM card E-commerce trading floor on behalf of restaurants accepts payment by domestic ATM card from the following banks:

    Abbank, Bac A Bank, BIDV, DongA Bank, Eximbank, HDBank, Maritime Bank, MIB, Ngan Hang Nam A, Ocean Bank, Sacombank, SeABank, SHB, Techcombank, Tien Phong Bank, VIB, Vietabank, Vietcombank & VPBank.

V. Safe transaction assurance

  1. Vietnam MM Co.Ltd uses services to protect Members’ information and payment. To ensure that transactions are carried out successfully, minimizing risks that may arise, ask participants of E-commerce trading floor to note and obey commited contents with Members as follows:
    1. As soon as a member clicks " payment completion" his browsers will be changed to safe mode. The data related to the members’ orders, personal information and payment details will go through all servers of E-commerce trading floor with the encoding form. As soon as ordering successfully, the member should sign out his personal account on the website.
    2. Members do not provide details on payment to anyone via email or other way of communication, we are not responsible for damages or risks. Members have responsibility for exchanging their information through Internet, email or other forms.

VI. Customer’s personal information protection

  1. Purpose and scope of personal information collection Viet Nam MM Co. Ltd collects personal information in order to: 
    1. Forward purchase orders from members to partner restaurants where members order dishes
    2. Verify member’s reliability.
    3. Send information on discounts, promotion programs if members ask.
    4. Provide payment gateways with necessary information to perform the transactions for members who choose the form of online payment. 
    5. We do not limit personal information: name, email, phone number (mobile / fixed), address (specified in districts, provinces), and other information. 
  2. Field of use and time of storing information
    1. Viet Nam MM Co., Ltd will provide restaurants with necessary information for home delivery of purchase orders to customers. If customers select online payment form, Vietnam MM Co., Ltd will provide a payment gateway with necessary information to process payments. Vietnam MM Co., Ltd will not provide customer’s information to any third party. All transaction information will be kept confidential but in case law agencies requires, we will be obliged to provide the law agencies this information.
    2. After a purchase order is placed successfully, only employees of Vietnam MM Co., Ltd and the customer himself can log in personal information. 
    3. The information will be stored on the system of E-commerce trading floor and operated at Vietnam MM Co., Ltd’s office with address as above.
    4. Customers can change, look at or erase their information by signing in the part “Member” or email us through the address:

VII. Management of bad information

  1. Members and partner restaurants will be themselves responsible for confidentiality and storage of all activities of using services under their registered name, password.
  2. Members and partner restaurants are responsible for making a timely notice to E-commerce trading floor when detecting unauthorized use, abuse, privacy violation, storage of the third party’s registered name and password to take suitable measures to resolve.
  3. Members and partner restaurants don’t use the services of E-commerce trading floor for illegal, unreasonable fraudulent, threatening, illegal poll, destructive, virus creation and distribution purposes, causing damages to E-commerce trading floor’s system, configuration, transmission of information E-commerce trading floor
  4. Members don’t use E-commerce trading floor’s services for the purposes of speculation , cornering the market to create fake orders, including works serving for judgments on market demand. In case of violation, the member must take responsibility for his behavior in front of the law.

VIII. Responsibility in case of arising technical errors

  1. When carrying out transactions on E-commerce trading floor,members are obliged to perform in accordance with instruction process.
  2. Vietnam MM Co., Ltd commits to providing the best quality services for the members participating in transactions. In case of arising technical failures, software bugs or objective errors which may result in that a member can not participate in transaction, the member notify Vietnam MM Co., Ltd. Through the email address:
  3. We will correct errors in the earliest time to create condition for members to take part in E-commerce trading floor
  4. However, Vietnam MM Co., Ltd will not be responsible for solving in case member’s notice doesn’t come to Vietnam MM Co., Ltd, arisen from technical error, transmission and software errors or other errors not caused by Vietnam MM Co., Ltd.

IX. Right and obligation of VIETNAMMM.COM SGD TMDT Management Board

  1. Right of VIETNAMMM.COM E-commerce trading floor Management Board
    1. E-commerce trading floor will provide services for participants after completing procedures and compulsory conditions E-commerce trading floor have stated.
    2. Viet Nam MM Co., Ltd has right to change the regulations of trading floor and use items, conditions at any time without prior notice.
    3. In case of having a base to prove that the member provides E-commerce trading floor with inaccurate, incomplete information, or information violating the law or Vietnam’s fine custom, E-commerce trading floor has right to refuse , suspend or terminate his/her service use right.
    4. E-commerce trading floor can terminate membership and a member’s service use right in case the member breaks the regulations of E-commerce trading flor, or has act of affecting business operation on E-commerce trading floor
    5. In case of terminating membership and service use right, all member’s issued certificates, rights will be automatically invalid and terminated.
    6. All rights on use of services and content on E-commerce trading floor are reserved by E-commerce trading floor according to legal provisions on protection of intellectual property in Vietnam. All logos, contents in different languages ​​are under the ownership of E-commerce trading floor. All acts of copying, use and illegal dissemination of the above ownerships are strictly prohibited.
    7. E-commerce trading floor reserves the right to change service price tables and payment method during the time of providing services for members in accordance with E-commerce trading floor’s needs, conditions and ability
  2. Obligation and responsibility of VIETNAMMM.COM Trading floor Management Board
    1. Vietnam MM Co., Ltd forwards information of purchase orders placed at E-commerce trading floor to partner restaurants. In any case, VIETNAM CO. MM is not responsible for delivery or quality of food. VIETNAM MM CO. LTD’s responsibility is merely to transfer information of orders to restaurant partners.
    2. VIET NAM MM CO., LTD will try to facilitate process of placing orders as soon as possible. However, VIET NAM MM CO., LTD will not bear any liability for failure condition or time of inactive website. Information posted on the website of will be offered by member restaurants.
    3. VIET NAM MM CO., LTD commits to post only exact information. However, posted information can also be changed or be inaccurate. The matters arising from giving inaccurate information belong to the concerned restaurant’s responsibility and VIET NAM MM CO., LTD will not bear any liability.

X. Right and responsibility of participants of VIETNAMMM.COM trading floor

  1. Right of Members of E-commerce trading floor
    1. a. Members will have right to sign in to use E-commerce trading floor to order food/drink without payment of any other fee for service apart from fee for food/drink, delivery fee or transaction fee if members pay only .
    2. b. Members have right to send questions, suggestions or reflect E-commerce trading floor during operation as per the above claim process..
  2. Obligation of E-commerce trading floor’s members
    1. a. To provide full personal information: surname, name, email, phone number (mobile/fixed) , address (districts, provinces) and other information, and to be responsible for legality of the above information.
    2. b. Members don’t absolutely use any programs tools or other forms to intervene in the system or alter data structures. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, disseminate or cheer up any activities aiming at intervention, trespassing or destruction of website system.
    3. c. Members will themselves be responsible for privacy and storage of all service use activities under their registered name, password. Members are responsible for make timely notice to E-commerce trading floor on unauthorized use, abuse, violation of privacy, storage of their registered name, password in order that both parties cooperate to process.
    4. d. Members commit not to use services of E-commerce trading floor for illegal purposes. In case of violating, members must bear responsibility for their act in front of current law.

XI. Applied provisions

This regulation of E-Commerce Trading floor is officially effective from the date of signing the decision attached with this regulation. VIET NAM MM COMPANY LIMITED has right to adjust, add provisions in this regulation by notifying in public on E-commerce trading floor to members/partner restaurants and perform notice procedures with E-Commerce and Information Technology Department – Ministry of Industry and Trade .

XII. Commitment provision

  1. VIET NAM MM COMPANY LIMITED commits to perform in accordance with stipulations in this regulation during the process of providing E-commerce services with type of sevices of ordering food/drink online on E-commerce trading floor . And , VIET NAM MM COMPANY LIMITED commits to perform full obligations and reports as stipulated by law.
  2. Official contact address of E-commmerce Trading floor: E-commerce Trading floor
    Company/Organization : VIET NAM MM COMPANY LIMITED
    Address: 02nd Floor, 155 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh
    Tel: 02873050779 Email: